Shafik Sachedina A Man With A Vision

In 1975 Shafik Sacehdina graduated from Guy’s Hospital and Dental School. He is a dental surgeon and for many years, practiced dental surgery in England. He is an entrepreneur in health care.

Shafik Sacehdina career included being Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International, the Ismaili Leaders International Forum in the Ismaili Community. His career reaches into the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom, where he was the President of the Ismaili Council.

Shafik Sachedina was a colleague of the Deputy Foreign Minister and for the Middle East, and a Presidential Ambassador. He was also a delegate for Africa Mikhail Bogdanov. The topic of discussion centered on the present concern taking place in Syria, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. These conversations were in hopes that negotiation with the government of Syria Arab Republic would aid in solving the crisis in Syria.

The Department Head of the Jamati Institutions is Shafik Sacehdina. The Jamati Institutions are located in France at the Aiglemont. Shafik Sacehdina is a leader and an organizer of events for Ismaili district working within the Aga Khan Development Network.

It is the desire of the Institute of Ismaili Studies based in London to advertise the study of Muslim Culture. Advertising the study of Muslim Culture would allow for a greater perception of Islam and foster rapport with those of other religions. Islam and Esoteric Islam are topics that are generally not addressed within the community. These topics will be discussed to help people in the Islāmic Community get organized to voice their opinions.

There are many programs that are offered at The Institute of Ismaili Studies such as their Graduate Programs in Humanities and Ismaili Studies. This Course Study is a 3-year program which is geared to students who would like to earn a degree in the field of research. This field is a specialized field, and students chose this course because it will open doors of opportunities. In their last year at the university, students upon completion of the program will receive their master’s degree. Another program that The Institute of Ismaili Studies offer is Secondary Teacher Education which is a 2-year curriculum. This field of study is offered to students worldwide.

Sussex Health Care is owned and operated by Shafik Sachedina. His responsibilities include running the activities and programs within the organization of the Sussex Healthcare.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare received from the University of Chichester several awards. Level 5 Diplomas in Social Care Professional Practice were awarded to six employees.

Critics DeVos String of Contributions

Whenever any person or party donates a lot of money to causes, that person or party is subject to scrutiny. Skeptics and critics are trying to downplay the $1.2 billion that Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos and her husband have dished to various charities, causes and entities. Their contributions seemed charitable and straightforward enough, but some people believed that they had motives behind them. That still hasn’t been proven, and the DeVos’ continue to contribute to causes that they feel are points of interest to this day.



Examples of DeVos Funding

The DeVoses have donated so much money over the years that they sometimes forget the depths of everything they have done. The $1 million contribution to the Willow Creek Church is just one example of how they give to causes that can contribute to the well-being of young people. Worldwide church leaders support that school and were happy that the Devos contributed and were proud to be a part of their mission.


A vast assortment of educational institutions benefitted from the DeVos contributions. Among those institutions were the Potter’s House in Wyoming, the Rehoboth Christian School and Ferris State University. Besty DeVos has a strong Christian upbringing, so she tends to give generously to causes that have Christian roots. The funds go toward various tasks such as restructuring building, developing curriculums and helping children get access to course material.



The Critics’s Scrutinization

The DeVos’s might have thought they were contributing to a positive purpose, but quite a few critics tried to minimize their efforts and turn them into something self-serving. The biggest critic concern was that the DeVos contributions were smokescreens for some other agenda. One critic said that he would not be surprised if they only contributed the money to push their voucher agenda, other people feel a certain way about it but don’t want to upset things.



Betsy DeVos has always been an advocate of equal opportunity education. That means that she was a strong supporter of programs that would give underprivileged people the same opportunity to go to a good private school that another person went to whether their zip code was different. Betsy and Dick put a lot of money into the voucher programs.


The DeVos’ defended themselves briefly nobly by stating that the contributions were meant to help people in need and nothing more. DeVos also mentioned that the organizations that she contributes to are socially aware citizens. Mrs. DeVos stated there was no motive involved in any of the contributions that she made with her husband.


The DeVos’ will continue to put money toward causes that they back wholeheartedly. Not critic or inflammatory comments are going to change that. They are changing warriors who like to help organizations and causes that have a difficult time getting off the ground. They have been known to give huge donations without requesting something in the report. Their motives are genuine, and they don’t feel as though they have to prove that to anyone.


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What You Need to Know About Rodrigo Terpins

If you know anything about the world of Brazilian sports, then you are probably familiar with the name Rodrigo Terpins.

Just in case, he is a famed rally driver, most well known for competing in the Sertoes Rally. He is also known for his lineage, having come from a family of people also well known in the sports world. These include his father, Jack Terpins,once a basektball player, and his brother, Michael Terpins, also a rally driver.

In addition to hailing from a “famous family,” Rodrigo has had an interesting life all around. He studied at the University of Sail Hilaire and was even a president at Lojas Marisa until 2007. visit LinkedIn

After that long stint, he created T5 Participacoes, which organizes racing events in Brazil. And, while he enjoys the “business” side of racing, Terpins is, of course, still actively involved in racing himself.

As of late, his most talked-about racing move was competing in the Sertoes Rally. There, his partner was Fabricio Manchiana. Together they finished third in their category and also won the overall 8th place out of 38 total teams. This racing event was huge and hugely attended, sealing its place and Terpins’ name in Brazilian racing history.

Now, following the race, Rodrigo Terpins plans to continue working alongside his brother to develop better racing skills and to continue racing. Despite the fact that Terpins is 44 year old this year, he has no plans to give up rally racing anytime soon.

Terpins also enjoys interacting with his fans and continues to do so in the coming years as he actively engages in the sport. He can be found on many social media platforms, including Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where he is easily accessible to the fans that support him.

With such diverse talents and a real knack for connecting with supporters, we can all expect to see even more great things from Terpins in the future.

Alexandre Gama: Brazillian Advertising Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama is an entrepreneur from Brazil, who is a creative professional specializing in advertising. His focus withing in the industry of advertising is on communications. Gama is the founder of his own advertising agency, Neogama, and he also serves as its CCO and CEO. His company is among the top Brazilian advertising agencies.
Gama originally launched Neogama in the year 1999. During the first three years that Neogama was in business it was Brazil’s most rapidly growing advertising agency. In its first year of doing business, Neogama won a Lion from the Cannes Film Festival.
A few years later, in 2002, Alexandre Gama decided to associate Neogama with the British advertising agency called BBH. Impressively, Neogama/BBH managed to get recognized as “Agency of the Year” by the newspaper Meio e Mensagem later that same year.


If you are walking in Paraiba and you ask any person about Roberto Santiago, it is likely that they will describe him with a lot of excitement. Roberto is the man who has been behind most of the economic strides in the area. Since the time that he stepped into the business world, he has been ensuring that Paraiba moves a step closer to economic excellence with every passing day. Roberto Santiago was born in 1968 in Madrid at a place called João Pessoa. All the industries that exist in the region have something good to say about him since most of them owe their prosperity to him.

Some of the platforms which Santiago has improved include entertainment, entrepreneurship, real estate and investments. He has made sure that the resources in the area are being utilized fully. With the aim of improving the economic status of Paraiba, Roberto designed the Manaira Shopping Mall and opened it in 1989 at the capital of Paraiba. Its design is fantastic such that it amazes everyone who comes to the place. If the design fails to impress you, which is unlikely, the size will definitely do the job. Currently, the mall holds around two hundred and eighty stores, and it is likely that there will be many more in the coming years.

In the mall, you find all types of activities. As you shop around the many stores, you enjoy a wide array of fun amenities like gaming stations, movie theatres, and arcades. Any person of any age is guaranteed of an activity to indulge in. The area that the mall covers has increased since its first construction in 1989. There have been five expansions up to date, and more expansions are still on the way. Many people are relying on Roberto to ensure that the nation maintains the current economic path.

Some decades back, many people used to visit Paraiba to enjoy the sunset and sandy beaches. Today, thanks to Santiago, there is more to enjoy. People now come to have a good time at the mall and still enjoy the rest of the things that were there before. Residents have been relying on the Manaira Shopping Mall for their daily needs. The center has made things easy for them since you find almost anything that you require there. There is a great difference between the population that existed in the capital before the construction of the mall and that which exists currently. More people prefer to be in the area since life there is now better as compared to the previous one. The landmarks that Roberto Santiago has made will exist for generations to come and his name will continue to be remembered even then.


Boraie Development is Rebuilding U.S. Neighborhoods

Boraie Development is the latest concept for aging, low-income communities. Boraie is a prominent real estate company whose aegis is Mr. Omar Boraie. Mr. Boraie and his real estate and development company is building up aging communities throughout New Jersey. The Boraie Development doesn’t just redevelop homes, they erect both affordable community house, luxury apartments and other modern commercial and residential buildings.


Mr. Omar Boraie is an Egyptian-American with a Ph.D. in chemistry. Mr. Boraie is also a leading New Jersey entrepreneur, business magnet, and philanthropist. He works with his real estate developer son Waseem Boraie who is over-seeing the Atlantic City project and who is the Vice President of Boraie Development. Boraie Development has renewed communities throughout New Brunswick, Newark, and now in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


The Boraie Development project in Atlantic City will be known as “The Beach at South Inlet.” The Beach at South Inlet project will consist of an 80-million-dollar housing complex located by the Pacific/Atlantic/New Jersey/Connecticut avenues. The Beach complex will house over 50,000 people, especially convenient for employees who work in the resort town of Atlantic City. Boraie Development will also erect 250 sleek apartment buildings designed to attract millennials.


Boraie Development is creating a new commercial and residential horizon in Atlantic City which hasn’t been renovated in more than 25 years, with many homes that are older than 40 years in age. The Boraie Development includes many amenities for its new home owners and tenants, much of which are free and very affordable. The Atlantic City developments will include pools, gyms, lounges, entertainment centers, and more.


The new Beach at South Inlet development was placed on a vacated piece of land that was called Pauline’s Prairie. Pauline’s Prairie was a desolated area filled with empty run-down properties. The name Pauline’s Prairie was so named after the Housing Authority Director Pauline Hill dismantled the land to erect commercial development plans that never occurred. The Beach at South Inlet has inspired new developments and rebranding all throughout the Atlantic City neighborhoods. Check out to know more.



The famous Atlantic City Boardwalk is undergoing reconstruction and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is also preparing nearby vacant lots for redevelopment. Not only are the Boraie Development projects reviving aging communities, their real estate ingenuity is bringing in new jobs, thus helping to revise the economic conditions of U.S. cities.



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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Origins

On October 18, 2007, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by armed deputies who were a part of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Selective Enforcement Unit” and booked into separate jails, both managed by Arpaio. The reason for the arrest is believed to be the story they were in the process of writing for the Phoenix New Times. The story revealed how the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has issued grand jury subpoenas about the New Times’ staff and readers. This information included readers’ IP addresses as well as their search history. It was clear that this arrest was meant to silence Lacey and Larkin, a clear assault upon the 1st Amendment. After public outcry, the two were released from jail after being illegally detained for 24 hours.


Their arrest led to a court case regarding 1st Amendment rights as well as abuse of power. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals determined that the grand jury subpoenas that had been issued were invalid due to the prosecutor bypassing the necessary legal procedures and that Lacey and Larkin had been arrested and detained without probable cause. Lacey and Larkin won their court case and were given a $3.7 million settlement.


Lacey and Larkin set the money aside for the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund is an initiative intended to benefit the Hispanic community in Arizona which had been a target of Sheriff Arpaio’s scorn and abuses of power. During the 2014 midterm elections, while politicians campaigned on anti-Hispanic platforms, Lacey and Larkin began to distribute Frontera Fund money to nonprofits that advocated for the civil rights of Hispanics. Mike Lacey stated of the anti-Hispanic political campaigning: “I think the people of Arizona are better than this. Of course Jim and I stand with migrants. We are all migrants.”


Roberto Santiago’s bet on Brazilian Shopping Mall Industry

Shopping mall industry across the world is considered as a highly risky business option for entrepreneurs. It is due to many factors, including changing tastes of the customers, new players into the industry, substantial initial investment needs, lack of comprehensive strategies, and more. Most of the shopping malls experience significant footfall in the initial years considering they are regarded as most modern in the industry. But, when new malls come into the picture, people are tempted to grab the new ones considering the added choices of entertainment and shopping. This is where the shopping mall, Manaira Shopping, established by Roberto Santiago stands apart from the usual trend.


Roberto Santiago and his shopping mall in the capital of Paraíba state, Brazil, is a prototype for everyone who wanted to move to shopping mall industry, especially in Brazil. The shopping mall was opened to the public in the year 1989, and it receives increased footfalls year after year. As per the data of 2015, the shopping mall received almost 20 million customers which shows more than 50,000 people on an average per day visit the shopping mall. What made Manaira Shopping highly successful in a city like João Pessoa that has a population less than one million? It is none other than the strategies and forward thinking of Roberto Santiago.


He understood the failing factors that could damage the continued business at the early stage. Santiago ensured that the shopping mall is going through numerous expansions, both minor and major, often to address the growing demands. He brought international brands into the shopping mall and gave his customers diverse choice to their shopping needs. Similarly, Santiago worked with his team and brought more fun and entertainment choices to reflect the requirements of changing customer preferences. Additionally, he also ensured that all the required services and other forms of community needs are provided under the roof of Manaira Shopping. All these factors together contributed to the success of the shopping mall owned by Roberto Santiago. Interestingly, he also puts greater bets on technology and ensures that the mall provides a wholesome experience for both families and individuals.


The shopping mall offers a unique environment with state of the art cinema halls that are advanced with most-modern projectors, VIP rooms, Stadium System, and more. The shopping mall also provides Game Station with nearly 200 different sorts of games, a children’s park and a play area called Pirlimpimpim, a Bowling area for the bowling fans, Strike Bar, and Gold Strike. The shopping mall also has an extremely large event hall named Domus Hall. It is designed at the roof of the shopping mall, and that has a capacity of 4,000 seats and 10,000 standing population. The fully air-conditioned hall is spread over two floors, and it is the hottest destination for college events, art festivals, and more in the city.



Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund leading the way in Promoting Equal Civil and Human Rights

In California, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights has made it their business to ensure that immigrant families and individuals have equal rights with others.

The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act set the precedence for its formation. They execute their mandate by changing policies, building power and altering public opinion. This has been done to ensure that immigrant, human and civil rights are fully implemented.

Advocates for Human Rights are leading the rest of the human rights advocates. Their efforts over the past 30 years have resulted in the transformation of the lives of immigrants, women, and children. Volunteers, staff, and partners have contributed to their world-class implementation of human rights that has emphasized the rule of law.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have set aside the $3.75 million settlement they received from their unlawful arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to fund rights-based organizations. All the guarantees of the constitution need to be put into effect according to Larkin.

They have also given a $2 million gift to the Arizona State University that has been used to set up an endowed chair. The coverage of Latino and border issues are bound to go a notch higher as a result of this new faculty position. This gesture has drawn praise from a lot of quarters including Arpaio who had developed a controversial figure with the news media.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was set up by the two co-founders of Phoenix New Times. It has funded numerous organizations in Arizona that ensure that the rights of migrants are not denied. Mike and Jim have not shied away from challenging laws that prevent immigrants from enjoying fair judicial processes. They seek to ensure that immigrants are not denied equal justice.

The improvement of the rights of indigenous people has mainly been agitated for by the Amazon Watch organization. Their work along the Amazon basin has come after the development of the oil and gas pipeline projects.

The concerted efforts of this San Francisco based organization together with indigenous groups as well as environmental organizations have made this possible.

The ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project has employed outreach programs, litigation and advocacy to achieve its objective of promoting human and civil rights of immigrants.

It has made good use of the Supreme Court and the district courts to carry its agenda forward. It is no wonder that it is the most extensive litigation program in the country.

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Bradesco’s New Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Looking Internally For A CEO

Brazil’s economy is rebounding from a nasty recession, according to Brazilian economists. Retail sales were higher in September. Lower interest rates and lower inflation remain intact as the labor market gets stronger.

Retail sales jumped six percent in September 2017 thanks to strong supermarket sales, and a slight increase in income. IBGE economist Isabella Nunes expects Brazil Gross Domestic Product output to hit 2.5 percent in 2018. Brazilian banks are banks are lending people money again, and Banco Bradesco is preparing for a major shift in its business model because the technology sector of the economy is getting stronger.

New Chairman of the Board Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is rolling out a new franchise, and the bank calls it, “Next.” Next is a data-based franchise. Trabuco Cappi and the executive team are teaming up with Microsoft, Xbox, and Apple in order to give Brazilian FinTechs some stiff competition in 2018. But that’s not the only news coming out of Bradesco’s media department. Lázaro de Mello Brandão, the 91-year-old oldest bank chairmen in the history of Brazilian banking, is stepping aside. That move will give Trabuco Cappi a chance to incorporate changes in the way the bank offers its products and services to 69 million customers. Bradesco’s Chairman Lázaro de Mello Brandão knew Trabuco Cappi would take his place this year, but he’s not really leaving the bank. Mr. Brandão will still have a desk and a say in the bank’s decision-making process.


Lázaro de Mello Brandão and Trabuco Cappi were a strong team, but Mr. Trabuco Cappi and the bank’s board of directors are searching for a new CEO who can carry on that type of relationship in the digital age of banking. The Bradesco board doesn’t like to hire people who are not part of the Bradesco family, so the seven candidates for the CEO position all have an executive position with the bank. Trabuco Cappi will continue to fill the CEO position as well as the Chairman’s position until March 2018. That’s when the new CEO will officially take over. Bradesco will make the CEO announcement one month before the bank’s annual March shareholders meeting.

According to, all seven candidates have the skill and the qualifications to be the Chief Executive Officer, but according to inside sources, IT Vice President Mauricio Machado de Minas is the top pick. Mauricio Machado de Minas is the man who put the Next franchise together, and he is the man Trabuco Cappi relies on to bring the bank into the 21st century in terms of online and mobile banking. But even though Mauricio Machado de Minas is a favorite, Alexandre da Silva Glüher is also a great choice for the job. Alexandre da Silva Glüher is responsible for organizing the 2015 acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian banking operations. Bringing the HSBC’s branches into the Bradesco family was a monumental task, but Glüher did it successfully. Bradesco’s 2017 revenues reflect that success, and Wall Street’s interest in Bradesco stock confirms how important that acquisition is in terms of future earnings.

But the other five candidates also have a shot at the CEO position. Vice-President Josué Augusto Pancini is the VP in charge of branch operations, and he has a good chance to be the next CEO. Chief lending officer, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu knows how to make Bradesco money by lending money, so he can certainly fill the CEO vacancy. But Seguros President Octavio de Lazari is also a great candidate. Seguros is the president of the profitable insurance division of the bank. But chief investment Marcelo Noronha and Andre Cano the VP of Human Resources are also on the short list of candidates but those men are dark horse candidates at this point.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:,trabuco-afirma-que-anuncio-de-substituto-pode-acontecer-antes-do-calendario-de-sucessao,70002039084