Securus Technologies Helping Develop One of a Kind Contraband Interdiction Technology

It has been news all over recently that the menace of contraband phones usage is getting out control in recent times. More and more inmates are being caught with the contraband phones, and it remains a dirty dark secret as to where they are managing to get their hands on contraband items with such ease.


The law enforcement agencies are doing their best to put to use some of the most developed security technologies to ensure that the contraband packages do not get through and that the correctional facilities remain safe and secure for inmates and officers, but it has not been able to gain much success in controlling the illegal communications. Securus Technologies, a criminal justice technology firm recently came out with the only tried, tested, and approved contraband interdiction technology there is in the market.


Securus Technologies call it as the wireless containment solutions, which would help in ensuring that no contraband phone can make calls from inside the prison. The wireless containment solutions work with other network carriers to ensure that no unauthorized communication passes through its network from inside the prison premise.


It has proved to be highly successful, and no other such technology is there in the market today, which makes it even more valuable to the corrections space. The FCC has also showcased positivity around the wireless containment solutions by promising to reduce the amount of paperwork and other formalities needed for the installation of WCS in the prison facilities. It would help the correctional facilities to get their hand on this system and ensure that no contraband phones are used inside the corrections space. If the prisoners are allowed to freely chat with the outside world and control other illegal activities from inside the prison, what good is incarceration?


Securus Technologies believe that the wireless containment solutions have the capabilities to upgrade further and become more secure than it is already. It would put a complete end to the menace created by the use of contraband phones. Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer for 15 years, was shot six times in his stomach and chest, which changed his life forever. He was responsible for confiscating the contraband packages, which is what led the inmates to order a hit on him. Robert Johnson currently serves Securus Technologies as a consultant, and he has helped in the development of the wireless containment solutions.


Securus Technologies is known as the innovator in the correctional sphere, and with the rollout of wireless containment solution, it has been able to consolidate its position in the industry. Securus Technologies believe that the use of WCS technology would help in saving lives of inmates as well as officers, and also help the corrections ecosystem to become more secure than it is now.



Securus Technologies – Improving and Modernizing Correctional Space through Research and Development

Securus Technologies has played a major role in modernizing the field of inmate communications and prison technology in the past few years. The company has developed some of the most innovative and ground-breaking inmate communication products that help the prisoners to communicate with their friends and family. The world of inmate communication didn’t see much improvement and innovation in the past couple of decades, even as the world of technology continues to improve and advance at a rapid pace. This is where Securus Technologies comes in as it helped to modernize the incarceration experience and equip the government agencies as well as law enforcement agencies with the latest investigative and database management tools to perform better and safely.


The focus of Securus Technologies has always been on the betterment of the correctional space from the time of its inception, and it continues to make rapid advancement till date. The company announced in a press conference recently that it has invested $600 million in recent years for patent acquisition, patent registration, research, and development. One of the latest services to be launched by the company is video visitation that would help the inmates to meet their relatives and loved ones virtually with the help of gadgets such as tablets and kiosks. It would enhance the communication opportunities by a great margin, and make communication much more cost effective as well for the families of the inmates.


Securus Technologies has always focused on maintaining high standards in the customer service department, and it is for this reason, it recently got the Gold Stevie Award as well. The Gold Stevie Awards are given to honor the corporate excellence in various fields to the competitors from across the globe, and in the category of the customer service training team, Securus Technologies emerged as a clear winner. Securus Technologies has not only proven its worth as a leader in the field of inmate communications but also innovation, research, and development. The company develops one new product on average every week, which showcases the commitment of the company towards the correctional space and its customers.


In a recently released press release online, the company published a series of comments from the law enforcement officials that are taken from the letters law enforcement officials wrote to the company. The letters of appreciation from the officials shows how the services of the firm are helping them do their duty safely and keep miscreants in the society in check. Securus Technologies also invited the potential and existing investors and customers to visit the company’s advanced technology center located in Dallas, TX. The company wants to showcase the progress it has made in the last few years in the correctional sphere to the industry and bring transparency in its business operations to win the trust of its customers and investors.