Significance Of The Appointment Of Mr. Sam Tabar To Awearable Apparel

Sam Tabar is an influential American industrialist with an experience dating twenty plus years. Sam mostly, specializes in reforming the marketing strategies and raising capital for client firms.

As icing on the proverbial cake, Sam is one of the finest legal minds New York has ever seen. In the past, he’s worked as a senior partner in elite Manhattan-based law firms the likes of Zabel LLP, Arps, Roth, and Schulte.

Sam Tabar has clocked in thousands of frequent flier miles flying to and fro the Asian continent where he’s served for years. Stateside, Mr. Tabar was once an employee of the behemoth fund, Merril Lynch, NY. This attorney is the genuine deal having two honorary degrees from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Most of his focus nowadays seems to be on running his registered hedge fund firm, FullCycle LLC.

Tech-Inspired-Fashion by Awearable Apparel

In 2016 Sam Tabar was reported to have been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the rising tech venture, Awearable Apparel Inc. the latter has a revolutionary line of fashion apparels, mostly meant for kids, who come bearing a concealed GPRS locator device.

The clothing becomes useful in the unfortunate event that your child gets misplaced or lost in a crowd. You just use your smartphone and find out the exact six-figure grid reference location of the kid. So far, the startup continues to increase the cash kitty funded by investors.

These guys are sure of one thing. Putting your money where Mr. Tabar is personally invested is a sure winning bet, according to the financial fact sheets about Sam’s success. Check out Sam’s official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social accounts to learn more about his personal and professional life.

Sam Tabar Funds ThinX

Asides running FullCycle Inc., which has witnessed tremendous growth and gains over the past couple of years, the career consultant has a keen interest on startup investments.

Sam has partnered up with several development firms to come up innovative tech startups aimed at making a positive difference to communities. A classic example being, THINX. Ideally, the app was created to help women in remote areas in Africa and Asia have easier access to essential sanitary products.