DeVos’: Changing Their Hometown One Day At A Time

Many years ago, back in 1991, there was word of a plan going around town that a knew multi-purpose building was being built in the Grand Rapids area. One man, in particular, was not happy about hearing this. Dick DeVos was a man on the fast track to the top of his family’s Amway company at the time. However, he could not just sit around and let this new project for a convention and sports arena be built. He knew it could be detrimental to the city. He stopped what he was doing and started to pick up the phone and make some calls.


Both Dick and his wife Betsy are big time Republicans who have spent much of each of their respective fortunes on supporting what they believe in. Both are big into education and have started their own charter school at an old airport. They also started the first voucher program to offer kids in the area, and then later on around the country, the chance to afford going to school wherever they want regardless of their parents’ income.


Unfortunately, Dick and Betsy’s efforts and money spent haven’t always swayed public opinion in their favor. It hasn’t broken their spirit, though. They are both too passionate about their beliefs to give up. Mrs DeVos’ passion for school advocacy is one of the main reasons why the president decided to appoint her the country’s Secretary for Education. She was, however, only narrowly appointed because there was a heated debate going on about the impact of voucher schools compared to public school systems.


Dick Works Towards Putting Grand Rapids On The Map


Many years ago, Dick had called up the CEO of the AirTran Airways. He did this with the sole purpose of trying to work with him to bring the airlines to the Grand Rapids airport as a way to give it a boost. This one phone call is what started the process of putting the Grand Rapids airport on the map.


Mr. DeVos was able to get through to the CEO much faster than anyone else is able to. He says that a big reason for this is that his family owns the Orlando Magic basketball team and they play just down the road from the AirTran Airways headquarters in Florida.


His hopes for putting the Grand Rapids airport on the map grew quicker than he had anticipated because just months after AirTran Airways began offering services there, the carrier was then bought out by Southwest. This was the same airlines that Dick was first tasked with trying to bring to the Grand Rapids airport. His next hurdle after this was to try and convince Southwest to keep nonstop flights from the Grand Rapids airport to the Baltimore and Orlando airports. In the summertime of 2013, the airlines began adding direct airline flights to Baltimore, St. Louis, Denver and Orlando. Both of the DeVos’ had a reason for wanting the change to be successful. It is the home of their family’s Amway hangars.


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Shafik Sachedina A Man With A Vision

In 1975 Shafik Sacehdina graduated from Guy’s Hospital and Dental School. He is a dental surgeon and for many years, practiced dental surgery in England. He is an entrepreneur in health care.

Shafik Sacehdina career included being Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International, the Ismaili Leaders International Forum in the Ismaili Community. His career reaches into the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom, where he was the President of the Ismaili Council.

Shafik Sachedina was a colleague of the Deputy Foreign Minister and for the Middle East, and a Presidential Ambassador. He was also a delegate for Africa Mikhail Bogdanov. The topic of discussion centered on the present concern taking place in Syria, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. These conversations were in hopes that negotiation with the government of Syria Arab Republic would aid in solving the crisis in Syria.

The Department Head of the Jamati Institutions is Shafik Sacehdina. The Jamati Institutions are located in France at the Aiglemont. Shafik Sacehdina is a leader and an organizer of events for Ismaili district working within the Aga Khan Development Network.

It is the desire of the Institute of Ismaili Studies based in London to advertise the study of Muslim Culture. Advertising the study of Muslim Culture would allow for a greater perception of Islam and foster rapport with those of other religions. Islam and Esoteric Islam are topics that are generally not addressed within the community. These topics will be discussed to help people in the Islāmic Community get organized to voice their opinions.

There are many programs that are offered at The Institute of Ismaili Studies such as their Graduate Programs in Humanities and Ismaili Studies. This Course Study is a 3-year program which is geared to students who would like to earn a degree in the field of research. This field is a specialized field, and students chose this course because it will open doors of opportunities. In their last year at the university, students upon completion of the program will receive their master’s degree. Another program that The Institute of Ismaili Studies offer is Secondary Teacher Education which is a 2-year curriculum. This field of study is offered to students worldwide.

Sussex Health Care is owned and operated by Shafik Sachedina. His responsibilities include running the activities and programs within the organization of the Sussex Healthcare.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare received from the University of Chichester several awards. Level 5 Diplomas in Social Care Professional Practice were awarded to six employees.

Critics DeVos String of Contributions

Whenever any person or party donates a lot of money to causes, that person or party is subject to scrutiny. Skeptics and critics are trying to downplay the $1.2 billion that Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos and her husband have dished to various charities, causes and entities. Their contributions seemed charitable and straightforward enough, but some people believed that they had motives behind them. That still hasn’t been proven, and the DeVos’ continue to contribute to causes that they feel are points of interest to this day.



Examples of DeVos Funding

The DeVoses have donated so much money over the years that they sometimes forget the depths of everything they have done. The $1 million contribution to the Willow Creek Church is just one example of how they give to causes that can contribute to the well-being of young people. Worldwide church leaders support that school and were happy that the Devos contributed and were proud to be a part of their mission.


A vast assortment of educational institutions benefitted from the DeVos contributions. Among those institutions were the Potter’s House in Wyoming, the Rehoboth Christian School and Ferris State University. Besty DeVos has a strong Christian upbringing, so she tends to give generously to causes that have Christian roots. The funds go toward various tasks such as restructuring building, developing curriculums and helping children get access to course material.



The Critics’s Scrutinization

The DeVos’s might have thought they were contributing to a positive purpose, but quite a few critics tried to minimize their efforts and turn them into something self-serving. The biggest critic concern was that the DeVos contributions were smokescreens for some other agenda. One critic said that he would not be surprised if they only contributed the money to push their voucher agenda, other people feel a certain way about it but don’t want to upset things.



Betsy DeVos has always been an advocate of equal opportunity education. That means that she was a strong supporter of programs that would give underprivileged people the same opportunity to go to a good private school that another person went to whether their zip code was different. Betsy and Dick put a lot of money into the voucher programs.


The DeVos’ defended themselves briefly nobly by stating that the contributions were meant to help people in need and nothing more. DeVos also mentioned that the organizations that she contributes to are socially aware citizens. Mrs. DeVos stated there was no motive involved in any of the contributions that she made with her husband.


The DeVos’ will continue to put money toward causes that they back wholeheartedly. Not critic or inflammatory comments are going to change that. They are changing warriors who like to help organizations and causes that have a difficult time getting off the ground. They have been known to give huge donations without requesting something in the report. Their motives are genuine, and they don’t feel as though they have to prove that to anyone.


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Betsy DeVos And Her Contributions to Charities

In November of 2016, President-elect Trump decided that he would nominate Betsy Devos to be Secretary of Education. Of course, there was opposition from Democrats, but the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved her nomination. In February, she was confirmed by the Senate for that position.

A lot of people asked, who is Betsy Devos? A lot of Republicans, however, knew her for her strong work in the Republican Party in Michigan, where she had always been a strong supporter for school choice and school voucher programs. She has been an advocate for school charter systems for years. She was, at one time, Chairwoman of the Alliance for School Choice. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

She is married to Dick DeVos, who was the CEO of Amway, a company that was begun by his father. Her brother is the founder of Blackwater USA. Her father, Erik Prince, is the founder of the Prince Corporation. The DeVos family has been listed as the 88the richest family in America. Their net worth is over $5.4 billion.

She has been the vice president of the Prince Foundation, a foundation that was started by her mother. She is also very much involved in the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, a philanthropic organization that gives millions in charitable contributions to many different organizations in need of funding. They have given sums to Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values, an organization that recognizes the need for maintaining the family unit. Further, they have donated funds to the Center for Individual Rights and the Institute for Justice.

They have also helped to fund Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center.

Betsy DeVos was appointed to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2004 by George Bush. Since then, she and her husband have created the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, which teaches art institutions how to arrange and use funding.

Betsy DeVos is energetic, and has many, many past accomplishments in philanthropic work. Together, she and her family have been listed by Forbes as the number 24th family in donations to charities. They have given millions to art institutes and charities, and have formed a number of charities themselves. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Betsy DeVos is a pioneer in her devotion to education and the arts, and serves well as the Secretary of Education under Donald Trump.

World Philanthropist George Soros

Over the last three decades, George Soros has become one of the leading financial contributors to liberal causes throughout the world. He was born in Hungary during a period of authoritarian rule, and his childhood has made a lasting impression on him that continues today. He is a major advocate of open societies that encourage social justice and human rights for all people. The foundation that he began in 1984 in the country of his birth is called “Open Society Foundations”, and it currently operates in over 70 countries.

George Soros immigrated to New York after college, and he succeeded in becoming a multi-billionaire as a financial fund manager. He is known as a master investor, and he has made some of the most famous financial moves in modern times. Probably his most well known financial success was shorting the British pound in 1992. This historical tactic reportedly netted Mr. Soros over one billion dollars, and he secured his reputation as the premier currency trader in the world. Forbes estimates his current net worth at over 25 billion dollars. Read more at Washington Times about George Soros.

Unlike most people in his position, George Soros has chosen to use his wealth for philanthropy around the world. His goal is that the people of the world have the same opportunities that he has benefited from, and he is willing to take a stand on his principles to make his goals a reality. He willingly finances politicians, activist, and causes that he believes will advance his goals. One of his major convictions is that the United States is an institutionally oppressive country, and is a violator of human rights both in other countries as well as at home.

George Soros fights tirelessly for people that cannot fight for themselves. He believes that the United States has a major problem with racial injustice and discrimination. His goal is making sure racial and religious minorities in the United States and around the world are treated with the human rights they deserve. Because of his personal history as an immigrant, he is particularly concerned about the welfare of immigrants. He believes the United States government practices systemic abuses against many of these disenfranchised groups of people.

The majority of the information cited in this article was researched from pieces written in Forbes and from Discover the Networks. It is such a pleasure to read about an individual who is willing to stand up for what he believes in, and he is putting his own money behind such worthy causes. If other powerful people would step up and take a stand for the oppressed like George Soros and the world could be a much better place for all people.

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