The Evolution of an Oversaturated Market

Dry, cracked lips are a huge problem. They are uncomfortable, painful, and not attractive to look at. Until a few years ago, whenever anyone encountered the problem of dry lips, they would first reach for the Chapstick. But, Chapstick is generic and boring. True, it is affordable, convenient and readily available. However, if we are going to use a lip balm product, don’t we want it to be something fun?

That’s where EOS, or Evolution of Smooth comes in. Introduced to the market seven years go, EOS lip balm has managed to surpass the popularity of Chapstick. How did they do it? By creating a product that was visually pleasing, soft to the touch, has a nice smell, and a delectable taste. These balms come in an endless array of flavors, and are offered in fun, egg shaped pods. The soft pastel colors of the pods coordinate with the flavor of the balm.

EOS is primarily marketed toward women. It was by offering this fun, unique product to the market that was most likely to buy it that EOS managed to enter an oversaturated market and rise above the rest. By getting into Wal-Mart and Target stores at about $3.00 each, and offering flavors that are pleasing to all, they managed to become the number one lip balm seller in the market. Women are always looking for fun product that it far from basic. With EOS, they found it. Since celebrities have been photographed using it, it has boosted the popularity even more. Next time you reach for the lip balm, don’t reach for boring and basic. Reach for Evolution of Smooth.