Men Of Action

According a recent CNBC news article, Warren Buffett has wagered $1 million in hopes to better investments through numerous top-tier hedge fund executives across the U.S. The year has not ended yet, but it already seems to show the odds increasingly in Buffett’s favor. Only the next eight months will tell.

Opportunities for passive index investments aren’t understood for all their worth. It’s not about being active or passive but rather delivering valuable long-term returns on investments in addition to low costs as a core component for each return according to CNBC. In addition, it’s about time that we challenged this nation’s passive index returns as a safe path to a better retirement.

Timothy Armour on index funds belong on the high shelf, yet they don’t cushion against down market potential pitfalls despite trillions of dollars that flow into passive investments, of only which half of all surveyors were aware of the exposure to 100 percent volatility in losses throughout each market’s turndown. Mr. Buffett also states that performing ahead of the crowd in perilous times is a top factor and skill that any investor can implement if he or she seeks potential long-term growth and continued success.

Timothy Armour is likewise a special man – one well prepared, influential and highly resourceful in the world of investments and finance strategies. As Capital Group Companies’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, he is ready for action whenever the need arises. In this line of work, that need usually arises more often than expected.

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According to Armour:

“The market has signaled, voted and is running with it. These things are huge and profound, and one has to decide whether you believe it…I think it’s real . . . interest rates have been declining pretty much for my whole career, and my guess is that we’ve seen the bottom.”

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