How Risk Taking Has Paid Off For Lori Senecal

As the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B), Lori Senecal has led their international efforts in the advertising industry. She coordinates their seven offices in different nations and manages the marketing campaigns they do for many companies around the world. Prior to working for this advertising agency she had been a top executive at other firms in the industry, such as MDC Partners and McCann Erickson Worldwide. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Armed with a degree in sales and marketing, Lori Senecal had moved from Canada to New York City in order to work in advertising. She gained notice early in her career when she led a successful initiative for McCann Erickson that was called TAG Ideation. This unit of the company focused on creating advertising that would appeal to young people and it was very successful. It was due to her success with TAG Ideation that she first became an executive at that company early in her career.


By taking risks with her advertising campaigns Lori Senecal has created memorable and effective advertising campaigns for many companies. Having joined CP+B in 2015 the company’s revenue has gone up by more than 20% since her hiring. One of the accounts she handled was for Kraft Mac & Cheese. In 2015 Kraft had removed all of the artificial ingredients from this product which they wanted to promote. Lori Senecal told them that wasn’t a very good idea given some parents might fear the change would result in their kids no longer liking their mac & cheese. So, it was only after several million boxes had been sold that it the change was revealed. The story about this was very popular at the time it was revealed which resulted in a lot of free positive media and a large boost in sales.




At every stop Lori Senecal has created positive changes in the culture of the advertising firms she has worked for. Employees are willing to be more innovative and risk-taking when coming up with the ideas for marketing campaigns. Each company she has worked for has been left in a better state than how it had been before she joined the firm. You can follow their Twitter page.



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Alexandre Gama: Brazillian Advertising Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama is an entrepreneur from Brazil, who is a creative professional specializing in advertising. His focus withing in the industry of advertising is on communications. Gama is the founder of his own advertising agency, Neogama, and he also serves as its CCO and CEO. His company is among the top Brazilian advertising agencies.
Gama originally launched Neogama in the year 1999. During the first three years that Neogama was in business it was Brazil’s most rapidly growing advertising agency. In its first year of doing business, Neogama won a Lion from the Cannes Film Festival.
A few years later, in 2002, Alexandre Gama decided to associate Neogama with the British advertising agency called BBH. Impressively, Neogama/BBH managed to get recognized as “Agency of the Year” by the newspaper Meio e Mensagem later that same year.