The CEO Appeared At A 2016 Texas Bankers Association’s Conference

Nexbank is a financial institute that is well-known in Dallas and the surrounding areas, and its president and CEO is John Holt. Towards the end of 2016. Holt appeared at the conference for the Texas Bankers Association.

At the conference, Holt served as a panelist. The 5th Annual Strategic conference features panelists who take part in various discussions. Holt took part in a discussion about how community banking is being reinvented and being competitive via innovation. He spent time giving his perspective on the topic and he provided valuable insight on why innovation is important for the community banking industry.

About Nexbank

Nexbank is a financial institute that is based in the city of Dallas, Texas. The company operates a headquarters in one area of the city and a branch location in another area. The company has many employees, which isn’t surprising because the bank is the 4th largest in the city.

Services Offered

Mortgage banking, depository, institutional and commercial banking are all services offered by Nexbank. The bank also offers personal banking services and online banking.

Contact Info

Those who have questions for Nexbank can contact them via their phone number: 972.934.4700 or they can call their 800 number at 1.800.827.4818. Alternatively, they can go to their branch location at Preston Center at Luther Lane in Dallas.

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