Norman Pattiz – Highly Successful Entrepreneur in Radio and Broadcasting Industry of the United States

Edison Research recently did one of its kind research in collaboration with PodcastOne, which showcased podcast marketing as one of the emerging marketing techniques that can be as effective as other modern conventional marketing methods. In the research study conducted by Edison Research, which is one of the premier technology research firms, five major consumer brands from different sectors participated.

All the companies that participated in the research study witness considerable growth regarding branding, marketing, customer outreach, and helping customers with brand recall. The results of the research study were announced by Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster, who are Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and Vice-President of Strategy at Edison Research respectively.

The study was conducted during the second half of the year 2016, and it showcased how podcast marketing as a new branding and commercialization technique, which new companies should include in their marketing strategy going forward.

According to Crunchbase, the results announced by the Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster included pre and post-campaign data that showed 60 percent rise in brand recall for the grocery company that participated, the increase in product awareness by 47 percent for the financial services product, 37 percent of an automobile product, and 24 percent for a gardening product. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The podcast marketing also proved instrumental in improving the market reputation of the companies and its product considerably. The research study showcased how podcast marketing helped in building a favorable opinion of a brand, which is one of the aims of any form of marketing.

As traditional marketing methods are wearing out and getting saturated, companies are trying out new and unique marketing mediums to reach out to their target audience. The study conducted by Edison Research clearly proved the impact and effectiveness of podcast marketing. Norman Pattiz, the owner of popular radio networks such as Westwood One and Podcast One, is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the radio and broadcasting industry of the United States.

Norman Pattiz is associated with the radio syndication industry for over four decades. He helped Westwood One become the most popular radio network that streamed entertainment, talk show, sports, and a variety of other programs. Norman Pattiz is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group, which deals in production and distribution of high-quality programming.

Norman Pattiz has always been a visionary, and realizing the hidden potential of podcasts; he launched PodcastOne in 2012. He has also served as one of the members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America during the term of Bill Clinton and George Bush Presidency.

World Philanthropist George Soros

Over the last three decades, George Soros has become one of the leading financial contributors to liberal causes throughout the world. He was born in Hungary during a period of authoritarian rule, and his childhood has made a lasting impression on him that continues today. He is a major advocate of open societies that encourage social justice and human rights for all people. The foundation that he began in 1984 in the country of his birth is called “Open Society Foundations”, and it currently operates in over 70 countries.

George Soros immigrated to New York after college, and he succeeded in becoming a multi-billionaire as a financial fund manager. He is known as a master investor, and he has made some of the most famous financial moves in modern times. Probably his most well known financial success was shorting the British pound in 1992. This historical tactic reportedly netted Mr. Soros over one billion dollars, and he secured his reputation as the premier currency trader in the world. Forbes estimates his current net worth at over 25 billion dollars. Read more at Washington Times about George Soros.

Unlike most people in his position, George Soros has chosen to use his wealth for philanthropy around the world. His goal is that the people of the world have the same opportunities that he has benefited from, and he is willing to take a stand on his principles to make his goals a reality. He willingly finances politicians, activist, and causes that he believes will advance his goals. One of his major convictions is that the United States is an institutionally oppressive country, and is a violator of human rights both in other countries as well as at home.

George Soros fights tirelessly for people that cannot fight for themselves. He believes that the United States has a major problem with racial injustice and discrimination. His goal is making sure racial and religious minorities in the United States and around the world are treated with the human rights they deserve. Because of his personal history as an immigrant, he is particularly concerned about the welfare of immigrants. He believes the United States government practices systemic abuses against many of these disenfranchised groups of people.

The majority of the information cited in this article was researched from pieces written in Forbes and from Discover the Networks. It is such a pleasure to read about an individual who is willing to stand up for what he believes in, and he is putting his own money behind such worthy causes. If other powerful people would step up and take a stand for the oppressed like George Soros and the world could be a much better place for all people.

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The Evolution of an Oversaturated Market

Dry, cracked lips are a huge problem. They are uncomfortable, painful, and not attractive to look at. Until a few years ago, whenever anyone encountered the problem of dry lips, they would first reach for the Chapstick. But, Chapstick is generic and boring. True, it is affordable, convenient and readily available. However, if we are going to use a lip balm product, don’t we want it to be something fun?

That’s where EOS, or Evolution of Smooth comes in. Introduced to the market seven years go, EOS lip balm has managed to surpass the popularity of Chapstick. How did they do it? By creating a product that was visually pleasing, soft to the touch, has a nice smell, and a delectable taste. These balms come in an endless array of flavors, and are offered in fun, egg shaped pods. The soft pastel colors of the pods coordinate with the flavor of the balm.

EOS is primarily marketed toward women. It was by offering this fun, unique product to the market that was most likely to buy it that EOS managed to enter an oversaturated market and rise above the rest. By getting into Wal-Mart and Target stores at about $3.00 each, and offering flavors that are pleasing to all, they managed to become the number one lip balm seller in the market. Women are always looking for fun product that it far from basic. With EOS, they found it. Since celebrities have been photographed using it, it has boosted the popularity even more. Next time you reach for the lip balm, don’t reach for boring and basic. Reach for Evolution of Smooth.

Securus Technologies: Leaders in Customer Satisfaction

Securus Technologies is irrefutably a leading provider for offender technology solutions, based in North America. The company is headquarter in Dallas Texas but has contracts in facilities all over North America. Today, they boast of having contracts with over 3,500 correctional facilities. They also have recorded service to over 1.2 million inmates.



The success of Securus can be attributed to the leadership of Rick Smith, its CEO. He is one leader who cannot tolerate mediocracy in service provision. He has been in the industry for decades and provision of technology solutions is not new to him. He is interested in ensuring that Securus is not only making profits but they are doing so in a meaningful way. He derives satisfaction in seeing that their clients’ needs are met.



Securus is a BBB accredited company, with an A+ rating. This means that they excel in service delivery. It also means that the company is trustworthy and when you ask for referrals in this specific industry, the name Securus will most definitely pop up. Aside from working in the guidelines of BBB, the company has heavily invested in improving their services.



In the recent past, the company invested $650 million to technological innovations. Some of that money went towards building a stately call center. The company testifies that they work hard to develop a new app every other week. The apps all have one function- To aid in crime deterrence.



In a press release that was made by Securus, through PRNewswire, Securus said that they do not blow their own horn when they say that they are the industry leader. Rather, their clients can also attest to this. They released a number of reviews from their customers to confirm that.


Inside The Howitt Racquetball Experience

Have you ever heard of Sawyer Howitt? You probably will soon because he is a rising racquetball player in Portland, Oregon. Howitt is an amazing senior at Lincoln High School where he is excelling in all aspects of school such as his extensive studies, extra-curricular activities, and most importantly racquetball.

Sawyer Howitt’s extraordinary experience in the Racquetball Club of Portland is really like no other. Before being so good in the Racquetball Club, he was part of his high school racquetball team. He would always practice after school where he stacked up all his skills and put himself into shape. He was determined to do whatever he could to be the very best until presently, he is proving himself and making his success come to fruition. From his stance to his serves, he demonstrates his quickness when swinging his arm. These are valuable skills which will make him really good.

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Presently in the Racquetball Club, Sawyer Howitt is always focused and determined which makes him stand out from all other great players. He always makes sure to bounce the ball and swing it to the front wall. He is always making sure the ball is in play to avoid it going before the short line and never letting the ball touch the back wall. He manipulates the ball so that the opponent loses his focus and Howitt is able to gain a point and obtain the victory. Sawyer Howitt will indeed be a person to look out for when talking about racquetball.

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Significance Of The Appointment Of Mr. Sam Tabar To Awearable Apparel

Sam Tabar is an influential American industrialist with an experience dating twenty plus years. Sam mostly, specializes in reforming the marketing strategies and raising capital for client firms.

As icing on the proverbial cake, Sam is one of the finest legal minds New York has ever seen. In the past, he’s worked as a senior partner in elite Manhattan-based law firms the likes of Zabel LLP, Arps, Roth, and Schulte.

Sam Tabar has clocked in thousands of frequent flier miles flying to and fro the Asian continent where he’s served for years. Stateside, Mr. Tabar was once an employee of the behemoth fund, Merril Lynch, NY. This attorney is the genuine deal having two honorary degrees from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Most of his focus nowadays seems to be on running his registered hedge fund firm, FullCycle LLC.

Tech-Inspired-Fashion by Awearable Apparel

In 2016 Sam Tabar was reported to have been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the rising tech venture, Awearable Apparel Inc. the latter has a revolutionary line of fashion apparels, mostly meant for kids, who come bearing a concealed GPRS locator device.

The clothing becomes useful in the unfortunate event that your child gets misplaced or lost in a crowd. You just use your smartphone and find out the exact six-figure grid reference location of the kid. So far, the startup continues to increase the cash kitty funded by investors.

These guys are sure of one thing. Putting your money where Mr. Tabar is personally invested is a sure winning bet, according to the financial fact sheets about Sam’s success. Check out Sam’s official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social accounts to learn more about his personal and professional life.

Sam Tabar Funds ThinX

Asides running FullCycle Inc., which has witnessed tremendous growth and gains over the past couple of years, the career consultant has a keen interest on startup investments.

Sam has partnered up with several development firms to come up innovative tech startups aimed at making a positive difference to communities. A classic example being, THINX. Ideally, the app was created to help women in remote areas in Africa and Asia have easier access to essential sanitary products.

WEN’s Unique Formulas Come In Versions For Every Hair Type

WEN by Chaz is formulated differently than most of the hair care products currently on the market. Not only can this cleansing conditioner clean hair without removing the oils that help keep the hair and scalp healthy, but it also helps repair damaged hair.

Each version of WEN has its own special formula that includes the extracts from plants known to possess beneficial properties. Among the different properties contained within the all natural extracts used in WEN are those that help hydrate the hair. Hair that has the right amount of moisture is less susceptible to breaking, splitting or frizzing.

The unique blend of ingredients used for each version of WEN are also designed to address the different problems people experience with their hair. The Spring Honey Lilac cleansing conditioner contains powerful antioxidants from a specially formulated four tea complex. When combined with the amino acids and nutrients found in the honey and lilac extracts this cleansing conditioner has the ability to add volume, strength and body to any type of hair.

A Version for Any Hair Type

Although the formulas for the WEN line of cleansing conditioners definitely make them unique, another important difference that sets this line apart from the other major brands is their wide range of products. WEN offers versions of their cleansing conditioner that are tailor made to repair and restore all types of hair. Wen’s Bamboo Green Tea version contains the restorative properties of more than 15 different plants as well as the essential oils of more than 9. This line also has products such as their Pomegranate version, which are soy based so they are categorized as being gluten-free. These cleansing conditioners are also free of harsh sulfates, which is why they do not lather, but rather cleanse the hair and scalp in a gentle manner.


THE EVOLUTION OF SMOOTH, otherwise known as the EOS, is but one of many wonderful and uniquely one of a kind products for health and beauty….and overall appearance of fashion! It is truly taking the country by force! is the place to go.

Why is EOS lip balm  such an appealing and catchy—-not to mention insanely successful—-business? Well, there are many reasons to that. The greatest reason I would say is due to their wide variety of products and their catchy colors….and that is only one reason to delve in!

Whether you are a new and inexperienced ‘novice’ to the world of lip balms and their delightful sensations….or you are already a more seasoned veteran in these matters, lip balm offers a wonderful world of pleasure unlike any other to compare with it on this earth! I highly encourage you to start exploring it on Ulta or other beauty stores, whether you are young or old….or even male or female! There is much to win and nothing to lose!

According to THE EVOLUTION OF SMOOTH, I do quote that:

“….eos® makes effective beauty products, including natural lip care products, that are designed to bring delight and style to daily routines. We combine premium ingredients with beautiful colors, invigorating scents, and delicious flavors. Our natural lip balm, hand and body lotion….” ( pg. 1, para. 3 bottom of page)

We can therefore see that much is offered from these types of products. There is indeed much to learn from, much to enjoy, and much to further explore….oh yes, and the benefits and pleasures are for a life time itself!

Ball roller lip balm forms are all the rage these days as well, carrying lip balm in a comfortable and convenient fashion which is both playful and vibrant to both see and be seen with/in.

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Getting Sorted With Your Dental Aches From MB2 Dental

A place where dentists are builds with power to provide with the best of their knowledge. The present scenario makes it a complicated task to have the best outlook about having the right dentist care. MB2 Dental is one such podium which will allow you to have the right perspective of knowledge. It is a mandatory factor which will help you to have a detailed aspect about your teeth. The primary concern to such an organization is to have the right outlook to the patients. Notice to what they need, and a notice to what they require is all that is made to have a sorted result for such particular observation.


When it comes to MB2 Dental the benefits, comforts, excellent care and professionalism all come in one sphere. It is mandatory that when you have some personal observation, you can look through the changes that they create for your benefit. There is an ability to center their service with some benefitted action. It is a factor that will allow you to get sorted with some definite perspectives. The dentists from this organization understand about the prominent work that is needed to provide eh best smile to their clients.


Teeth are something that helps a person to reveal all that is wanted. It is primary that this organization is primarily a practice development and also a management of dental aspects. Thus, the client service is the prior functioning that all the professionals look at. With all the genuine figuration, you get the treatment from the right professionals. In fact, you also get the right approach to what you need, and that is what makes them unique. Out of all contexts, the professionalism matters to a grave intensity, and with a definite definition, you get a firm revelation about the entire procedure.


This entire team of the MB2 Dental is complete an autonomic authority, and therefore you can have the best of attitude that will help you to look through. With some intervening approaches, you get to look at the final result with more adjoining features. There is this figuration that will assist you in having the right professional figuration.


Many people have reported going through bitter experiences, but MB2 Dental is meant to help them to have the right perspective onwards their problems; and with some specific knowledge of the fact, you will get sorted with all the necessary transparency. Understanding the details will allow you to have the best dental care from the professionals.




The former Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) controlling partner Bruce Levenson has sued the New Hampshire insurance company for breach of contract that involved the resolution of claims by former general manager Danny Ferry. Fortunately enough, the new Hawks management led by principal owner Tony Ressler is excluded in the lawsuit.

The case at Fulton County Superior Court is a civil action for breach of contract. The AHBE claim says it was insured under a policy for coverage for some losses linked to employment practices, comprising, but not limited to, some actions of “wrongful termination” and “workplace torts.”

Ferry and Hawks reached an unknown buyout agreement on 22 June 2015 that ended their six-year relationship that begun with an $18 million contract in 2012 and approval of the sale of the franchise to Ressler came two days later. The current Hawks ownership distanced themselves from the lawsuit, claiming the parties involved no longer have ties to Atlanta Hawks Organization.

The lawsuit states that AIG refused to acknowledge the claims made and the policy triggered. It further says that AIG declined to defend the said claim or accept coverage in the discussions between ferry and hawks counsel. Failure to pay losses involved in the settlement constituted a breach of contract according to the Time.

Also, the lawsuit seeks 50 percent penalty for attorney’s fees and costs as well as the unpaid losses.

Who Is Bruce Levenson?

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman and a former NBA owner and a philanthropist. According to ESPN, he co-owned Atlanta Hawks LLC, which owns and operates the Phillips Arena and Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

Levenson served on the NBA board of governors as the Hawks governor since 2004. In 1977 he co-founded United Communications Group. He was also the founding board member for the publicly traded TechTarget, which is an IT industry media company.

Levenson was born in on October 1, 1949 in Washington DC; he grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended Washington University in St. Louis and later graduated from law school at American University. He then began his journalism career at the Washington Star. Levenson is married to Karen and have three sons.