The Entertainment Grid Of Roberto Santiago’s Mall

While many malls have one facility of entertainment, Roberto Santiago’s mall actually has an entertainment grid. This grid consists of arcades, movie theaters, and plenty of other establishments that will keep people who visit the mall entertained. Given the many options that are in the mall, people are always going to find something new that they have not seen before. The entertainment grid is one of the main attractions of the mall. Many people visit the mall so that they can see what they can find there. Then some of the customers check out some of the other areas of the mall.


One of the most important parts of the entertainment grid is an amusement park arcade that carries 200 arcade machines. This includes some of the latest arcade games and many of the classics that have been played throughout the ages. People get to experience many of the different eras of arcade games and look at how the technology has advanced. While gaming consoles have taken out a lot of the arcades, there are still some arcades that are surviving just well. One thing that they do is look at what the customers are into. Then they look for a way to bring that to the arcade.


Manaira Shopping also has a movie theater that uses the latest in motion picture technology. They also offer options for people to enjoy the meals that are offered at the movie theater. The offering goes beyond the usual popcorn. Another good thing about the theater is the screen sizes. The creators of the theater make sure that people get a premiere experience when they go to the movies. They make sure that each movie gets the premiere treatment. Even on the smaller screens, the film is given the state of the art sound presentation. Therefore, people will have a memorable experience with every movie they see.


Roberto Santiago did not set out to just create something and then let it go. He has set out to make sure that the mall he has created stood out from all of the other malls in the crowd.


DeVos’: Changing Their Hometown One Day At A Time

Many years ago, back in 1991, there was word of a plan going around town that a knew multi-purpose building was being built in the Grand Rapids area. One man, in particular, was not happy about hearing this. Dick DeVos was a man on the fast track to the top of his family’s Amway company at the time. However, he could not just sit around and let this new project for a convention and sports arena be built. He knew it could be detrimental to the city. He stopped what he was doing and started to pick up the phone and make some calls.


Both Dick and his wife Betsy are big time Republicans who have spent much of each of their respective fortunes on supporting what they believe in. Both are big into education and have started their own charter school at an old airport. They also started the first voucher program to offer kids in the area, and then later on around the country, the chance to afford going to school wherever they want regardless of their parents’ income.


Unfortunately, Dick and Betsy’s efforts and money spent haven’t always swayed public opinion in their favor. It hasn’t broken their spirit, though. They are both too passionate about their beliefs to give up. Mrs DeVos’ passion for school advocacy is one of the main reasons why the president decided to appoint her the country’s Secretary for Education. She was, however, only narrowly appointed because there was a heated debate going on about the impact of voucher schools compared to public school systems.


Dick Works Towards Putting Grand Rapids On The Map


Many years ago, Dick had called up the CEO of the AirTran Airways. He did this with the sole purpose of trying to work with him to bring the airlines to the Grand Rapids airport as a way to give it a boost. This one phone call is what started the process of putting the Grand Rapids airport on the map.


Mr. DeVos was able to get through to the CEO much faster than anyone else is able to. He says that a big reason for this is that his family owns the Orlando Magic basketball team and they play just down the road from the AirTran Airways headquarters in Florida.


His hopes for putting the Grand Rapids airport on the map grew quicker than he had anticipated because just months after AirTran Airways began offering services there, the carrier was then bought out by Southwest. This was the same airlines that Dick was first tasked with trying to bring to the Grand Rapids airport. His next hurdle after this was to try and convince Southwest to keep nonstop flights from the Grand Rapids airport to the Baltimore and Orlando airports. In the summertime of 2013, the airlines began adding direct airline flights to Baltimore, St. Louis, Denver and Orlando. Both of the DeVos’ had a reason for wanting the change to be successful. It is the home of their family’s Amway hangars.


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Anthony Petrello Growth At Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is the CEO of the oil and natural gas exploration and drilling American giant company, Nabors Industries. The company has headquarters in Texas and business operations in over 25 countries. Petrello is one of the executives who has had a significant impact on the company for the last two and a half decades. He joined Nabors in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer.

He worked with the company in various roles and in 2011 after the retirement of the previous CEO, he was officially appointed the CEO and the Executive Board Committee Chairman. His work in the company is clear for everyone to see. From streamlining the operations of the company when he joined in the 1980s to now leading the company post-2008 financial crisis, Tony Petrello brilliance in business management is clear for everyone to see. He has managed to make a huge transformation in this company through wise business decisions which continues to open up the company doors of success.


Anthony Petrello brilliance in business management came out even before he joined Nabors. The reason why the management of this company thought he was up to the task was that he demonstrated to them his abilities while he was working in New York as a lawyer for Baker & McKenzie law firm. Yes, before Petrello joined Nabors, he was working as a lawyer. This would normally be unexpected as he had no experience running any other business. However, from his law practice, he had mastered business requirements especially in areas of finance and taxation. The management of Nabors was impressed by how he was good at problems solving and winning cases for his clients, and that is when they offered him a place in the company. His first role was that of the COO, a plum executive job that would see him report directly to the CEO.

Tony Petrello did not disappoint the management. Shortly after his appointment, he started showing results; he streamlined the operation at Nabors Industries and productivity started going up, he also suggested business expansion measures that the company would make to push their service delivery to more locations all over the world. He recommended buying of rival companies, which was ultimately done by the management. He continues to do the same as the CEO now. Business acquisitions and partnerships are some of the business approaches that he applies in rolling out business expansion programs.

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Drew Madden Career Success

Drew Madden is one of the leading IT professionals in the country today. Ever since he was young, he has had a passion for technology. He started off in the IT industry many years ago. He took various jobs in order to gain experience in a variety of industries.

Several years ago, Drew Madden started working in the healthcare field. During this time, he noticed how much the cost of healthcare was increasing each year. He decided that he wanted to offer a different healthcare solution for customers who wanted to save money. Over time, he slowly built up a health and wellness business that he manages today.

New Business

Starting a business is a long and difficult process. Drew Madden worked on his business at night and on the weekends. It took him several years to build a business that would actually make a profit.

Drew Madden had to borrow some money to get his business started. Once the business started making money, he quickly paid the loan down. He was always wary of borrowing money, and he never wanted to take on additional debt in his business.

Drew Madden tries to help as many people as possible each day. His business model is based on using predictive data to help customers reach their goals. There are a lot of people who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce their chances of developing a disease.

New Trends in Healthcare

As the healthcare industry continues to change, there are various trends that business owners need to be aware of. Customers are willing to spend more money than ever before on disease prevention. As a result, business owners like Drew Madden should offer numerous different service options to customers. In addition, many customers want to focus on precautionary health coverage. It is much less expensive to prevent a disease than it is to treat a disease. Drew Madden plans to continue growing his business in the future.

Southridge Capital Operations Structure, Management, and Expansion Agenda

Southern Capital is devoted to helping various groups of clients meets their financial needs by offering a full range of financial solutions. It does this by providing advisory and structured finance to public institutions.


Southridge operation model

Southridge Capital meets its mandate through is dedicated staff who have an instinctive comprehension of the market and clients needs. Since 1996, the company has helped public companies by directly investing $ 1.8 billion to over 250 companies. Having worked closely with these firms, Southridge is responsive to most of the issue that every expanding company faces hence it has hired its staff based on expertise and skillfulness. It also works with these companies in the area of balance sheet management and corporate issues such as individualized financing procedures.


Under the advisory bracket, Southridge Capital provides services across financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, Mergers, and acquisition process, bankruptcy advice, restructuring analysis and legal settlement services.


Financial structure

The finance structure offered by Southridge Capital involves financing solutions, credit-enhancing, and securitization. Southridge staff are fully aware that institutions looking for funding do not grasp all the opportunities that present themselves. The securitization solution offered at Southridge entails monetizing the assets that are existing within the institutions through loans against insider capital, shares or any other form of assets. Additionally, Southridge helps those institutions grow their creditworthiness by collaborating with those companies’ creditors to exclude liability in approval of stock. Southridge also manages its clients’ fiscal issues by formulating solutions according to the set guidance. Visit to see more.



The company top management

Stephen Hicks is the company CEO and the founder. Other notable persons in Southridge include Narine Persaud who is the CFO and Controller, Laurence Ditkoff the head of the research department, Linda Carlsen works with the portfolio management team while Henry Sargent is the General Counsel and COO. Southridge Capital demonstrate its social responsibility by promoting volunteer work.


Expansion agenda

In August 2012, Southridge Partners II which was formerly known as Southridge Capital management signed an Equity agreement worth $10 million with Andalay. The decision was arrived at since Southridge was seeking investment opportunities in the emerging growth areas both locally and internationally. In December 2015, Southridge entered into an agreement with Elite data service, Inc. Southridge bought a $5 billion equity in the company as its commitment to invest in an institution that offers innovative solutions to their client. For more details checkout

Revisiting Some Of The Events That Necessitated The Launch Of The Frontera Fund

Arpaio’s most feared force which was known as Selective Enforcement Unit arrested Lacey and Larkin and put them into different jails on October 18, 2007. They were removed by force from their Phoenix-area homes and were put into a dark tinted car which had Mexican number plates.


The self-proclaimed toughest Law enforcement officer in America, Arpaio initiated the arrest and for a long time, he had been annoyed by stories covered by Phoenix New Times which exposed his scandals. The newspaper revealed that Arpaio played a vital role in the promotion of Mexican political fear in Arizona. When other publications were constantly covering and praising Arpaio Phoenix New Times was busy unmasking the mishandling and financial abnormalities exhibited in the sheriff’s office, poor jail health conditions, abuse and death of inmates, unlawful Latinos detention, racial profiling among others.


Lacey and Larkin were allegedly arrested for covering a story in their Phoenix New Times that exposed constitutional assaults, Arpaio’s friends at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office who had ordered the grand jury to seek details about details about newspaper’s writers, editors, and readers, including readers’ personal browsing histories. Even jail mates knew that that the two were arrested for writing but thanks to public outcry which saw them released within 24 hours.

Lacey and Larkin were subjected to a long legal battle which they finally won when the court declared that they were arrested without probable cause.

The court later agreed to give Lacey and Larkin a settlement fee amounting to $ 3.7 million by Maricopa County in 2013 which saw them open Frontera Fund that intends to benefit the community of Hispanics by defending them from racial hatred and civil abuses in Arizona.

Since he grew up in Arizona, Larkin believes that he was taught from his earliest age that one has to give back to the less fortunate and he doesn’t think that there is a more deserving group than the brave Mexican immigrants who risked to travel to Arizona for economic and working purposes.

Even if politicians from both sides decided to campaign for the elections which were to be held in 2014 emulating anti-Hispanic political posturing owned by Arpaio, Lacey and Larkin embarked on their charity role to distribute their Frontera fund dollars to nonprofit groups which helped to advocate their Hispanic civil rights and causes.

Mexican immigrants together with colored American citizens were detained harassed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio as observed by Lacey who raised fear in 2014 election.


Bob Reina: He Works Around The Clock

One of the most inspiring things about Bob Reina is how hard he works and the fact he works around the clock. If there is one thing that is for sure, no one is going to outwork Bob Reina and no one is going to do more than him. He is the first in the building and the last to leave, as they say. That is how he operates and that is how he is wired. He truly believes that is the best way to go about things to get optimal results. It has worked wonders for him in whatever line of work he has been involved in from law enforcement to now being the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion.


He also believes this will work very well for others. There are times where people are going to be tired, exhausted, worn out, and beat up. However, when it’s all said and done, they will be thankful they put the work in and did their job the right way. It is very rewarding for people to know they have gone the extra mile and now they can enjoy life. That is what Bob Reina does. Of course, he is always going to work hard and put in the hours at Talk Fusion to make sure it keeps winning awards and it keeps building as a company. However, he also knows when he has done his work and when it is time to relax in life.


That is the thing about life. It is not about working all of the time and not being able to enjoy it after the fact. People enjoy it a lot more when they know they have put the work in and it is all done. It allows their brains and their minds to relax because they know they have done everything in their power to work their hardest when it was time to work. When it is time to play, that is the time to kick back, relax, and take it easy because the job was done and it was done the right way. Learn more:


Dick DeVos: Generous Entrepreneur

Dick DeVos has ran a successful career and has set himself as an example to follow. One thing that he has done is use some of his money and skills to put together a nonprofit that people can donate to for children. One of the reasons that he has been so successful was that he had a purpose and a passion. He was very interested in bringing improvements to his community. He has worked on many approaches to improving his community. They have each been pretty effective when it comes to the impact that it had on the lives of women and children.


One thing that Dick DeVos has done was learn how to be an entrepreneur. He has learned this starting when he was working under his father. When he became an adult, he has taken over ownership of his father’s business. When doing that, he has looked closely at the market and has made some changes to his business so that it can serve the market in its current condition. He has shown that he has a good eye for the market and has managed to continue making a lot of income for his business in each different market condition.


When it comes to his philanthropy, Dick DeVos has a lot of examples along with his wife Betsy DeVos. One of the areas that he has worked on is the area of education. One thing that he understands about the communities is that the way to improve it lies in the youth. The best way to inspire the youth of the community is by giving them the right type of education. This includes giving them skills that they can use in order to make their lives better and prepare their lives for their next generation.


Dick DeVos takes the time to make donations to different schools so that they can improve the type of education they give the children. He is also helping with the funding of the School Choice initiative in which children are able to go to better schools no matter what district they live in. Among other activities he has planned is rebuilding some schools so that they can teach students special skills that they can apply to their lives so that they will have an easier time supporting themselves. Dick DeVos is someone that teaches people to do what they can to overcome and build confidence.


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Securus Technologies Helping Develop One of a Kind Contraband Interdiction Technology

It has been news all over recently that the menace of contraband phones usage is getting out control in recent times. More and more inmates are being caught with the contraband phones, and it remains a dirty dark secret as to where they are managing to get their hands on contraband items with such ease.


The law enforcement agencies are doing their best to put to use some of the most developed security technologies to ensure that the contraband packages do not get through and that the correctional facilities remain safe and secure for inmates and officers, but it has not been able to gain much success in controlling the illegal communications. Securus Technologies, a criminal justice technology firm recently came out with the only tried, tested, and approved contraband interdiction technology there is in the market.


Securus Technologies call it as the wireless containment solutions, which would help in ensuring that no contraband phone can make calls from inside the prison. The wireless containment solutions work with other network carriers to ensure that no unauthorized communication passes through its network from inside the prison premise.


It has proved to be highly successful, and no other such technology is there in the market today, which makes it even more valuable to the corrections space. The FCC has also showcased positivity around the wireless containment solutions by promising to reduce the amount of paperwork and other formalities needed for the installation of WCS in the prison facilities. It would help the correctional facilities to get their hand on this system and ensure that no contraband phones are used inside the corrections space. If the prisoners are allowed to freely chat with the outside world and control other illegal activities from inside the prison, what good is incarceration?


Securus Technologies believe that the wireless containment solutions have the capabilities to upgrade further and become more secure than it is already. It would put a complete end to the menace created by the use of contraband phones. Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer for 15 years, was shot six times in his stomach and chest, which changed his life forever. He was responsible for confiscating the contraband packages, which is what led the inmates to order a hit on him. Robert Johnson currently serves Securus Technologies as a consultant, and he has helped in the development of the wireless containment solutions.


Securus Technologies is known as the innovator in the correctional sphere, and with the rollout of wireless containment solution, it has been able to consolidate its position in the industry. Securus Technologies believe that the use of WCS technology would help in saving lives of inmates as well as officers, and also help the corrections ecosystem to become more secure than it is now.



How Risk Taking Has Paid Off For Lori Senecal

As the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B), Lori Senecal has led their international efforts in the advertising industry. She coordinates their seven offices in different nations and manages the marketing campaigns they do for many companies around the world. Prior to working for this advertising agency she had been a top executive at other firms in the industry, such as MDC Partners and McCann Erickson Worldwide. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Armed with a degree in sales and marketing, Lori Senecal had moved from Canada to New York City in order to work in advertising. She gained notice early in her career when she led a successful initiative for McCann Erickson that was called TAG Ideation. This unit of the company focused on creating advertising that would appeal to young people and it was very successful. It was due to her success with TAG Ideation that she first became an executive at that company early in her career.


By taking risks with her advertising campaigns Lori Senecal has created memorable and effective advertising campaigns for many companies. Having joined CP+B in 2015 the company’s revenue has gone up by more than 20% since her hiring. One of the accounts she handled was for Kraft Mac & Cheese. In 2015 Kraft had removed all of the artificial ingredients from this product which they wanted to promote. Lori Senecal told them that wasn’t a very good idea given some parents might fear the change would result in their kids no longer liking their mac & cheese. So, it was only after several million boxes had been sold that it the change was revealed. The story about this was very popular at the time it was revealed which resulted in a lot of free positive media and a large boost in sales.




At every stop Lori Senecal has created positive changes in the culture of the advertising firms she has worked for. Employees are willing to be more innovative and risk-taking when coming up with the ideas for marketing campaigns. Each company she has worked for has been left in a better state than how it had been before she joined the firm. You can follow their Twitter page.



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